Doors and Windows

RAVEMOR Property Services can repair or replace the glass in any of your existing doors and windows. We can also perform a complete installation of new glass doors and windows. For those who prefer to "do-it-yourself," we even offer delivery of all our glass parts & products.

  • Window Replacement: Whether you are looking for something affordable, something with heavier construction, or something with an insulated frame and superior sound reduction, RAVEMOR is the company to call. Our Window replacement and installation will help spruce up your home’s exterior and interior design. In addition, our windows will help keep your heating and air conditioning bills as low as possible. Learn more about our window options with a free consultation from our expert window replacement specialists.
  • Insulated (Multi-Pane): Window seal failure is a common problem for multi-pane windows. A failed seal around the insulated glass allows moisture to get in between the panes, which can lead to condensation and fogging. It can also make a window appear wet or dirty, as well as degrade the insulating ability of the window. Fortunately, our technicians can remove and replace your glass or window, on-site! You will see and feel the difference, immediately. Additionally, if your multi-pane window does crack or break, we can fix that too. Call us today so that we can get you on your way to comfort and savings.
  • Single Pane: When the kids or the weather get rough, you may find yourself in need of a single-pane window repair. While there are many do-it-yourself tutorials available online, why risk harming yourself or damaging your window frame? Even with the proper protective eyewear and gloves, it can still be dangerous to handle and install glass on your own. Let us help you avoid these risks. We will make sure your pane is safely installed and maintained up to industry standards, and we will perform the service at a time that works best for you. Additionally, our up-front pricing guarantees no surprise charges when the work is finished. At RAVEMOR, we always strive to deliver exemplary service to every customer. Call us today!
  • Door Inserts: Over time, the glass inserts in your doors might have signs of usual wear and tear. Are there any scratches or chips in your door's glass? You could attempt to replace these inserts yourself, but may end up wasting your time and money. With the help of our glass professionals, the replacement of your entry door glass inserts will be easy and cost efficient. Give us a call, today!
  • Patio Doors: From new double glazed patio door installation to sliding glass door replacement and repairs, RAVEMOR has the experience and skills for all your glass patio door needs. Additionally, if your glass patio doors are not sliding or locking like they should, see our Door Mechanisms service in the Maintenance > Full-Property section of this website.
  • Low-E Glass: This is a low emissivity glass coating that plays an important role in the overall performance of a window and can significantly affect the overall heating, lighting, and cooling costs of any home or business. Give us a call today for more information about our Low-E products and services, and how they can benefit you and your property.
  • Leaky Windows: Adequately weatherproofing your windows and doors can not only increase your comfort but can save energy and reduce your heating and cooling costs. If you can feel a draft through your windows or doors or see visible signs of water coming into your property through these openings, we can resolve the problem.
  • Screens: We specialize in the repair and refurbishment of many types of screens including pool screens, window screens, screen doors, and other screened enclosures. Whether it is a small rip or a large tear, we will come to your location and fix it up. Call us today to get started.
  • Storm Windows: Whether historic or new, windows are a source of heat loss because they are a poor thermal barrier compared to solid walls. Adding storm windows can improve the thermal efficiency of any window. When you contact the energy professionals at RAVEMOR, we ensure that your storm windows get installed properly and that they are tight fitting and in good working condition. Give us a call, today!
  • Storm Panels: One of the most affordable forms of glass door and window protection is storm panels. Solid panels are mounted to your building’s exterior, covering entire walls of windows and sliding glass doors. Our installation technicians possess the skills and specialized tools to quickly and securely install your storm panels. We always extend prompt and courteous service and that is why we are the top choice for storm panels in central Ohio.
  • Safety Glass: Safety glass is a type of glass designed to withstand greater impact than regular glass, reducing the risk of injury if it is broken. Tempered safety glass is heated and cooled quickly to produce glass that is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. Laminated safety glass is made by sandwiching a thin layer of plastic film between at least two pieces of glass. The flexible plastic film keeps the glass in place so when it shatters, all the pieces still remain intact. It also reduces sound transmission and provides more protection from UV rays than ordinary glass. Contact the safety glass experts at RAVEMOR, so we can help protect you, your customers and your family.
  • Glass Block: We are the go-to company for commercial glass block installation and supply. In addition to the aesthetic versatility of Glass Block, there are also the advantages of energy efficiency, security, and weather resistance. We offer innovative glass blocks and glass block products for the industrial, multi-family, commercial and institutional building markets. We pride ourselves on giving you the best looking glass block you can get to make any wall, window or other feature stand out from the rest. We INSTALL both residential and commercial glass block products anywhere in central Ohio. Call us today to get started!
  • Framework Repair: We address many window frame repair issues for a variety of window types. Most of the time, these repairs are made to vinyl windows and frames. But in older homes, these repairs are often made to wood windows and frames, where wood rot, cracks, and splintering exist. Another common wood frame repair happens when vertically or horizontally opened windows, damage the sliding sash. Regardless of your window frame needs, we are the experts to call. Contact us today for a free estimate.
  • Storefronts: Your storefront glass windows and doors should always be a priority. They are the first impression customers have of your business, so maintaining a good appearance is a must. If you're in need of storefront glass repair or replacement for windows and doors, our team of glass specialists have the experience and resources needed to get the job done right. Additionally, if your glass doors are not operating or locking like they should, see our Door Mechanisms service in the Maintenance > Full-Property section of this website.
  • Pass-through Windows: These windows, also known as transaction windows, are typically used for security and privacy purposes across all industries. Municipalities, healthcare, retail and banking all need pass-through windows in their line of business. Transaction windows can be fixed or operable sliding or with secure transaction drawers or shelves. We are able to install or replace ballistic rated or bullet resistant glass and threat or tamper resistant materials. We can also install, repair, and replace the many different accessory options for voice transmission, deal trays, and transaction drawers.
  • Tinted Glass: Window film (tinting) offers a multitude of benefits including lower utility bills, reduced glare, reduced fading, privacy, added security, and aesthetic appeal. Our Window film selection includes a variety of materials, colors and shades to fit every home, business, and budget. We offer a no-obligation consultation to help you understand the current window film technologies and navigate through all the available products on today’s market. Best of all, our window tinting quotes are always free. Give us a call today!
  • Board-ups: We understand that when glass emergencies happen, you need immediate security for your property. As such, we provide Central Ohio with emergency board-up services, 24 hours a day. We understand that your home and business safety is priority and we make it our goal to board-up your location(s) as soon as possible.